On site Torch Repair


                             Torch repairs include FREE ESTIMATES!

                           With a large inventory of repair parts I can get your

                               torch fixed quickly and get you back on the job.

   *   Each torch is connected to hoses and back pressured to diagnose the problem.

   *   Then I will call with an estimate to repair.

   *   Once approved the torch is completely taken apart, cleaned, wire wheeled, repaired                                 

        and re-assembled to test.

                   When the torch is completed it will look and work like new again.

                      The labor price is a flat rate. No matter how long it takes 

                                          the labor price doesn't change.

      Fact... If a torch is popping and snapping it is usually not the tip causing it.                   


      Fact... The proper way to light a torch is acetylene on first - and off first!      

                It doesn't leave until it is done and done right!!