On site Regulator Repair



                     With an extensive inventory of repair parts, turn around time

                                                    is very quick.

                            Regulator repairs include FREE ESTIMATES!

   *   Each regulator that comes in for repair is put on a tank to determine 

          what part has failed.

   *   Then I call the customer with an estimate to repair.

   *   Once approved the regulator is completely taken apart, cleaned, wire wheeled,                    repaired, re-assembled, and tested

               When the regulator is completed it will look and work like new again.

            Labor rates are a fixed rate no matter how long it takes to finish the repair.

       Fact... If you hear air leaking 9 times out of 10 it is not the diaphram leaking.                 

       Fact... The inlet that comes out of the regulator and goes into the cylinder is

                                          the #1 reason a regulator leaks.